Volunteers' Corner

Registration for Volunteering

The objectives of Future Society can be realized only with help of the community of teachers, students and volunteers participating in the New Ecosystem. At these stage we need help in the following areas
  1. Creation, sharing and distribution of contents
    • Creation of video lectures
    • Sharing the video contents, presentations and notes by registering the video lectures
    • Helping the learner community (schools, individual students) with offline distribution of the video lectures
    • Creation of learning map for different subjects
  2. Sharing your personal technology infrastructure (PC, laptop, pen tab, software, bandwidth..) with the community to create, share and distribute video lectures.
  3. Donate any old or new technology infrastructure. Please reach out to us if any additional information is needed
  4. Provide your valuable suggestions for improvements. 
  5. We are inviting professors, professionals from technology background to come forward and help us with our technology projects. Visit Discussion pages for details on projects we are working on.
  6. Medical professionals can help us in raising awareness on Primary Health Care
  7. Professional associated with agriculture, fisheries can help with new methods and technology awareness to improve productivity.
  8. Spreading the word about this movement among the teachers, students and parent communities
  9. Help in developing the ecosystem in any vernacular language.
  10. Take this ecosystem beyond schools to colleges, universities, corporates