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The video briefly describes different components of technology those are required to create video lectures. It also provides some information on the software we have tried so far with an approximate cost of the solution.

How create your own video lecture?

Introductory videos on Soil Management & Soil Testing by Sirsendu Sinha passout form Bidhan Chnadra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (BCKV) and an employee of Department of Agriculture (West Bengal)

Soil Management ‎(Bengali)‎

Soil Testing ‎(Bengali)‎

We have created a few video lecture on metric units of weight, length and volume in Bengali. This lectures can serve the purpose of examples for others to create, share and distribute the video contents.

মেট্রিক পদ্ধতির এককের পরিচয় 10122012 (1030)
The video lecture briefly describes metric units of weight, length and volume. A few examples are given. Finally why standards of units are required is discussed.

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