Our Services

Future Society is working on following area and will be happy provide associated services to your organization. At this point of time we are a very lean organization. Therefore you have support us with the actual cost of the service delivered.
  1. Implementation of qCard: We can help you with the necessary arrangement required for qCard. Conduct a workshop on whereabouts of qCard. Then we can support you to conduct actual classroom session for certain number of days as you may need. 
  2. Conducting Digital Lesson workshop - We can conduct a workshop on how to develop Digital Lessons. Our team will explain the step by step process, provide all the required applications and conduct hands on practice session to develop digital lessons. We have also set up a decently equipped digital lesson development lab in DNVHS. Any individual interested are welcome to take an prior appointment and leverage the lab infrastructure to develop digital lessons.
  3. Future Society School Management System - We have developed a web based multi-tenant school management system that can reduce administrative workload of a school. Some of the features are like Examination, Results, Time Table, Student Admission, Fees collection and receipt etc. You may like to try out some of the FSSMS functionality at our demo site. User name: admin; Password: admin123. We are implementing the system at DNVHS. If you are interested we can help you with application installation, date entry and required training for using the system.
  4. Assistance in developing school web-sites: We can help you in online presence of your school. The site can be created on Google Site (free hosting) or any other similar sites. Our team can collect required information and create a website for you and then train you on how to manage the website. If required the team can also support you in ongoing management of the website.
  5. The School in Cloud: Our team is implementing school in the cloud (SinC) concept developed by Prof. Sugata Mitra, the TED Prize winner for 2013. The SinC at DNVHS is operational since Aug 2014. We can assist you in setting up a school in cloud working on SOLE Methodology and connecting you with Prof. Mitra for access to Granny's Cloud. It is a network of highly experienced teachers from UK, Australia providing volunteering time and interacting with students using Skype.
  6. Android Apps: We are working on development of set of android programs that can be used for improving basic reading and arithmetic skill of primary standard students. For more details on our Android Apps initiative please feel free to reach us.
  7. MS Office Training: Interactive training on Ms Excel, Word and PowerPoint using in application simulation package named iAssist developed by Anakage.
Please reach us if you have any query, suggestion on our services.