Our Solution

The high level overview of knowledge creation and sharing and use is given below.

Ecosystem High Level

Create - Create the contents using different technology under creative commons license. Our experience with different technologies is shared in details in Technology discussion pages for helping the Creator community. We also encourage to try out different other technologies and then share their experience with the community.

Share Online - For each video lecture we recommend sharing it in three different form. YouTube, Yahoo Screen etc. may be used for uploading the video for online viewing. Uploading the video in Dropbox and upload the presentation/ notes used during development of lecture in Dropbox. All the links are shared with Future Society through Content Registration and will be available for community through Catalog.

Share Offline - The creators of the lectures might not have access of quality Internet connection. In that case creator may share the video lectures, presentation/ notes with Future Society using any digital storage device e.g. CD, pen drive etc. Creators can directly upload content in Internet. However if required Future Society can help in uploading the content in Internet on behalf of creators. 

Download - Anyone can download the content from Internet. Go to our Catalog and identify the lectures, presentations/ notes you are interested and download them using the Internet links provided.

Distribute - We trying to reach out to the learning community who does not have quality internet access. Anyone having the content offline can further distribute the content for appropriate use. Across geography we encourage the individuals and institution to maintain an offline repository and distribute it with the community on demand.

Use - The end users will use the content meeting respective learning objectives. We also encourage the users to provide feedback to the creators and Future Society to further improve the contents continuously.