Our mission statement is
"To develop a participatory learning network through community involvement."
The network will promote the following objectives
  • Provide easy access to the content in the form of a searchable database to a wide audience but primarily for use by those who have limited educational opportunities. (This will involve technologies to index, and archive content, and distribute the content in the form of local (NAS etc.) hosting, web hosting, partnering with internet service providers, etc.)
  • Promote the use of digital technology in recording and reusing classroom lectures for increased efficiency. (This will involve marketing of the idea at the level of educators but also at the level of students and parents.)
  • Improve effectiveness in teaching and learning by promoting the use of personal devices that would allow students to use recorded classroom lectures at their own pace. (This is not about making devices available to students but making sure that content is created in a way that can be used even on the cheapest devices available.)
  • Promote a culture of sharing of educational resources and techniques among educators. (This will involve thinking about incentives for educators to to share not just to enhance the impact of their work by reaching out to a wider audience but also to learn pedagogic techniques from others. This also involves choosing appropriate licensing of content that gives enough incentives for educators to participate but also allows easy and affordable sharing of the content.)