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In search of robust technology solution

posted Nov 20, 2012, 12:07 AM by Nilanjan Nath

Robust technology - One of the CSF

Developing a solution for digitisation of lectures with robust technology would one of the Critical Success Factor (CSF).

We have been working towards development of the technical environment for more than last two months. Some of the critical design criterion were
  1. Has to be made of very basic components which are inexpensive
  2. Robust technology - easy to use without trouble some process
  3. Easy to learn and use even for a new computer user
We have evaluated inexpensive to high end android tabs, explored developing software for writing on tab using stylus, screen recording with out root access. Finally stopped our search with Pen Tab with computer. Using GNU/ Free License e.g. CamStudio and Super (Converter) for screen capture and converting the video files into portable .mp4 or .gp3 format.

I am considering a file size of 1.5MB per 1 min video 720p video as a good benchmark. Basis of the benchmark is video lectures on Model Thinking by Prof. Scott E Page at www.coursera.org

Still we have following challenges. And each of the following can be broken down into multiple child level :)
  • We are using number of tools; It is far from comfortable for new users. Ideal would single click start of and stop for lecture recordings. e.g. Screen capture with CamStudio then converting using super.
  • If we want to use video stream into lecture we have to install Always on Top to keep the web cam streaming window on top during the lecture.
  • Without web cam video streaming into the lecture the file size is reasonable; But as soon as we add the video stream the file size is very high. e.g. Size of a lecture of 14min (624p and .mp4) 35MB
Any suggestion/ help to further improve the solution would be highly appreciated