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Requirements for Student Response System (SRS)

posted Jun 25, 2013, 2:31 AM by Nilanjan Nath

Student Response System (SRS) would be complementary to the video content development. Video lectures are delivered by instructors/ teacher. It is unidirectional by design. It does not support important real time student feedback, interaction and peer discussion.

Student Response System is very famous in western educational institutions. Some of the university courses now a day mandate a SRS/ clicker for enrolment. However each clicker costs in range of INR 1000 to INR 2000. Generally this clicker are IR, RF or internet based devices. We believe if we can develop an indigenous SRS that fills gap that would really help community.

Some of the initial requirements for Students Response System that we have found through assessment are
  • Capability of providing real time response through a PC/ Laptop
  • Collation of response should take less than 1mins of instructor time.
  • Should be able to use minimum 40 clickers simultaneously in a classroom
  • Capable of working without internet connectivity
  • The device should be able to work in a 10 X 8m room without line of sight
  • The cost of individual response device should be less than INR 500/- 

Opensource School Management System

posted Jan 6, 2013, 10:15 PM by Nilanjan Nath   [ updated Jul 31, 2013, 12:40 PM ]

Last one and half month was the busiest period for the schools that wrapping up the last academic year with exams, evaluation, results etc. Simultaneously they were welcoming the new year with admission of new students etc. DNVHS was no exception.

School Management System (SMS) is one of the technology that can be a big help. In the original Mindmap (50,000 ft view of objective) of Future Society we felt need of a Student ERP system that can track progress of individual learner. So I was keen and scanning through something useful.

I stuck on SMS named Fedena open source with huge credential of implementation in 15000 schools in Kerala. The DNVHS management was enthusiastic enough to try out Fedena. We spent a couple of days to install and configure Fedena in a test environment. The benefit of Fedena is accepted beyond doubt. However a significant effort is required in data entry and DNVHS is working on it.

You may like to try out some of the Fedena functionality at their web demo site. User name: admin; Password: admin123


posted Nov 27, 2012, 11:40 PM by Nilanjan Nath   [ updated Nov 28, 2012, 12:26 AM ]

We have recently tried ActivePresenter tool for recording the video. It can technically replace both CamStudio and Super. But string attached is it is a paid tool.
Pros & Cons to consider:
  • After recoding the .approj files created are quite small in size compare to that created in CamStudio
  • The .approj video can be edited, cropped, splitted very easily. So the final output is very professional
  • There are lot of options to furhter enrich the video recording e.g. intermediate questions, branching out based on the answer given etc. However these feature are yet to be explored in details
  • .approj files can be directly converted into a .mp4 file. There is no need of additional software like Super. For .gp3 conversion a converter would be required.
  • This is a paid software. There is a educational discount program for teachers, institutes and non profits that making software available at USD $99.95

In search of robust technology solution

posted Nov 20, 2012, 12:07 AM by Nilanjan Nath

Robust technology - One of the CSF

Developing a solution for digitisation of lectures with robust technology would one of the Critical Success Factor (CSF).

We have been working towards development of the technical environment for more than last two months. Some of the critical design criterion were
  1. Has to be made of very basic components which are inexpensive
  2. Robust technology - easy to use without trouble some process
  3. Easy to learn and use even for a new computer user
We have evaluated inexpensive to high end android tabs, explored developing software for writing on tab using stylus, screen recording with out root access. Finally stopped our search with Pen Tab with computer. Using GNU/ Free License e.g. CamStudio and Super (Converter) for screen capture and converting the video files into portable .mp4 or .gp3 format.

I am considering a file size of 1.5MB per 1 min video 720p video as a good benchmark. Basis of the benchmark is video lectures on Model Thinking by Prof. Scott E Page at www.coursera.org

Still we have following challenges. And each of the following can be broken down into multiple child level :)
  • We are using number of tools; It is far from comfortable for new users. Ideal would single click start of and stop for lecture recordings. e.g. Screen capture with CamStudio then converting using super.
  • If we want to use video stream into lecture we have to install Always on Top to keep the web cam streaming window on top during the lecture.
  • Without web cam video streaming into the lecture the file size is reasonable; But as soon as we add the video stream the file size is very high. e.g. Size of a lecture of 14min (624p and .mp4) 35MB
Any suggestion/ help to further improve the solution would be highly appreciated

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