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DESH Pioneers

DESH Pioneers will be the key in achieving the targets of the program. The Pioneers will be considered as the early contributors/ adopters for the program and will be revered in future for their paradigm shifting contribution in domain of education. Each Pioneer will take responsibility of developing the digital lessons for any one subject in a complete and comprehensive manner. The DESH Pioneers will also share the learning, experience of the journey through different blogs and social networking sites. This body of knowledge will support the future growth in cross board/ geography. To start with DESH will two different types of Pioneer Roles. 

School Pioneer Role (DESH-SP)

Any school can nominate for SP Role. Future Society will select a specific number of schools for first phase of DESH Program. Every identified school will develop a comprehensive series of digital lessons covering one specific subject. The schools will establish their own technology setup. Future Society will work closely with these schools and assist them in technology setup. Future Society will also conduct the workshop for the teachers and train – how to record the digital lessons. Once all the digital lessons for the subject created, Future Society will build a digital library for the school to extend access to the lessons to the students of the school.

Conceptually the digital library that will be built for the Pioneer schools will be very similar to a physical library. But instead of physical books it would have digital lessons. All the digital lessons created will be shared periodically in a school owned computer. Digital tablet will be issued to the students by the librarian inside the library room. The students will able to request the librarian to copy the required digital lessons on the issued tablet. They can view, review the lessons using an ear phone and return it back when done.

Individual Pioneer Role (DESH-IP)

Any individual interested in creating digital lessons for a specific subject can participate under this category. Interested individual will be able to submit the nominations with Future Society. Once selected Future Society will arrange necessary trainings and provide some of the necessary equipment and software.