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DESH Goals & Tragets

Goals for DESH program are
  1. Equal access to quality and relevant education to every learner
  2. Capacity building through collaboration among teachers, students, parents and community at large
The digital lessons that we will develop, will be equally accessible to every interested learner. Future Society is committed to distributing the lessons through both online and offline mode, irrespective of social and economic class, caste, creed and religion.

We will develop a peer review framework that will ensure the quality of the digital contents created. We will provide a very high level guideline or overarching principles e.g. length of lessons in minute, size per minute etc. We will promote development of multiple lessons on same subject and topic by different community members and letting the best be identified by ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’.

We believe education should have a direct impact on our daily life. To make education relevant we will not only focus on the curriculum prescribed by board but also go beyond and explore the relevant education around primary health care, scientific methods in area of agriculture and other aspects that can potentially improve our living standard.

Collaboration among the community members will be the key. Success of the DESH program will be dependent on YOU as an user, contributor of knowledge and through your financial or material support.

The above long tern goals will guide different phases of DESH.

We have set the following specific targets for DESH Phase-1
By end of year 2014
  1. develop digital lessons for V, VI, VII and VIII following WB SED syllabus
  2. promote creation of digital libraries in schools to facilitate usage
  3. establish online and offline channels to distribute lessons to all interested
  4. facilitate necessary training and supports to build capacity through community involvement
As of now, there are in total, 29 subjects based on Department of School Education (SED), Government of West Bengal. WB SED is in process of updating some of the syllabi and books. The digital lessons will be developed based on the new syllabus and recommended text books. We shall also promote the development of a digital library and use these lessons in some of the schools so that students can enjoy access to these lessons at school. These digital lessons will be made available to each and every interested student/ community members under creative commons (CC BY SA)  license through online and offline channels.