DESH - Digitally Enabled Study Help

DESH is inspired from love for our Country and countrymen. The future of our country depends on our next generation. And the best way to prepare our next generation is to enlighten every children with right education. DESH program is an humble endeavor towards that. 

Many of us want to contribute towards nation building, but are not really sure where and how to start. DESH definitely could be a platform for you. Community is the core of DESH program. The program is primarily developed and delivered by volunteering efforts of Community. So far it is also funded with generous donations and contribution of Community members. We are also reaching different corporate for sponsorship of DESH Phase-1.

Please visit the sub-pages to know more about DESH Goals and Targets, operating plan, progress etc. Please feel free to write us for any related information or suggestions.

The Bengali leaflet of DESH program is uploaded in Document Repository.