About Us


We thank the Cognizant Outreach Program volunteers from Kolkata, for joining hands with Future Society in virtual volunteering program.

Future Society started School in the Cloud (SinC) at DNVHS. You are welcome to visit our school and attend a live SOLE session.

IIM Calcutta student's club INitiative for Community Action (INCA) is assisting Future Society on development of Growth Strategy and Sustainable operating model.

You may view/ download the NCERT award winning (2014) project report implemented at Dighalgram Netaji Vidyapith High School (DNVHS) at our Document Repository.

The services we are offering to any interested schools are listed at Our Services page.

Our mission is to explore the potential of technology to make education more affordable and effective, especially for those who currently have no or limited access to education.

Problem Statement: In rural India today, the student to teacher ratio is heavily skewed. There is not enough teachers to provide adequate attention to students. Most of these students are first-generation learners.

What we Propose

1. Digital recording of classes: Record lectures by teachers on topics from the curriculum. Recorded lectures are shared with students and other schools using devices like pen drives, phones, micro SD cards, DVD or directly downloaded from Internet at no extra cost. Build a pool of self-sustainable digital lessons and a social community.

2. Student response systems: Encourage students to be participative, record their responses and transmitted to the teachers.

What are the benefits

  • A social change that would eventually address inequity that exists today in terms of access to quality education. 
  • Use of technology in education for enhanced pedagogy, effective retention and compensate for several shortcomings of the community and individual students.
We believe this change will have a huge impact on how the next generation will learn and do more with less. Once the Ecosystem is built the unprivileged and underprivileged will benefit the most from it.